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Douglas Marshall-Steele, a Rainbow Flag & a sculpture of colonial Delaware militiamen



In Print

This page contains links to a representative sampling of this web manager's work for LGBTQ civil rights.

Congressional report
Working in the Shadows, ACLU, Sept. 2007:  a position paper in support of ENDA submitted to Congress.  Its "Delaware" section on pages 14-15 synopsizes this Web manager's account of workplace discrimination.
News Journal's Community View (Religion, democracy & LGBT civil rights, 8/8/10)
News Journal's Community View ("Don't Ask, Don't Tell," 3/28/10)
News Journal's Community View (The Dallas Principles, 2/7/10)
News Journal's Community View (LGBT civil rights in Delaware, 11/15/09)
News Journal's Community View (Bullying, 6/21/09)
News Journal's Community View ("Ex-gay" delusion, 3/29/09)
News Journal's Community View (Same-gender marriage, 1/4/09)
News Journal's Community View (Transgender people, 9/28/08)
News Journal's Community View (Delaware & civil rights, 6/29/08)
Rainbow Xpress Archive  (Same-gender marriage, 12/02)
Letters to the editor
Delaware State News ("Reparative therapy," 4/28/15)
News Journal (Veterans & the marriage equality bill, 4/24/13)
The Sussex Countian (Castle, Coons & Don't Ask Don't Tell, 6/22/10)
The Sussex Countian (Ugandan gay-killing bill, 1/27/10)
Letters From CAMP Rehoboth ("Gay Agenda," 10/16/09)
The Dover Post (Lies about HB 5, 3/31/09)
Episcopal News Service (Prop 8, 2/9/09)
Coastal Point (Picketing funerals, 5/26/06)
Episcopal Life (Hate crimes, 2005?)
Episcopal Life (Coming out, date unknown)
HR & Talent Management (ENDA, 10/28/14)
The Sussex Countian (Reactions to Delaware's marriage equality, 5/15/13)
Delaware State News (Milton activists reflect on landmark legislation for marriage equality, 5/12/13. The article won an award by the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association.)
Delaware State News (Passage of Delaware's marriage equality law, 5/8/13)
News Journal (Bishop's anti-marriage-equality statement, 2/2/13)
Delaware Coast Press (Community volunteerism, 7/18/12)
News Journal (Obama supports marriage equality, 5/13/12)
News Journal (Marshall-Steele civil union, 1/10/12)
Cape Gazette (Corey Marshall-Steele and Douglas Marshall-Steele unite in civil union, 1/10/12)
Delaware Coast Press (Delaware civil unions, 1/11/12)
Coastal Point (Delaware civil unions, 12/30/11)
Sussex County Post (Delaware civil unions, 12/28/11)
Delaware Grapevine (Annual Summer Bash/politics, 6/14/11)
Delaware State News (Civil unions bill photo, 4/8/11)
Delaware Grapevine (Civil unions bill, 3/24/11)
WHYY's Newsworks (Civil unions bill, 3/22/11)
Delaware State News (Civil unions bill, 3/23/11)
WMDT (Civil unions bill, 3/22/11)
The Review (Same-gender marriage in Delaware, 2/22/11)
The Daily Times ("Don't Ask Don't Tell," 12/27/10)
Delaware Coast Press (Transgender inequality, 6/9/10)
CBS MoneyWatch (Money tips for gay couples, 2/11/10)
Delaware Communion (Delaware clergy statement, pg. B, 9/09)
News Journal (Transgenderless anti-discrimination bill, 3/11/09)
The Dover Post (Anti-discrimination bills, 2/24/09)
Mountain Echoes (Two service project articles, Spring 2008)
Rehoboth Beach Delaware (Gay housing development, 9/13/07)
Delaware Grapevine (Service project, 6/2/07)
News Journal (Gay rights in Delaware, 4/22/07)
Delaware State News  (Same-gender marriage, 8/9/03)
Interfaith Working Group  (Original Spiritual Leaders' Statement, 6/03)
SmartMoney  (Marshall-Steele vs. Nanticoke, 9/17/02)
Letters From CAMP Rehoboth (Marshall-Steele vs. Nanticoke, 7/12/02)
Cape Gazette (Marshall-Steele vs. Nanticoke, 1/4/02)
Court documents re: Marshall-Steele vs. Nanticoke
Federal and state lawsuits against a former employer originally stemmed from gay-bias workplace incidents.  The suits resulted in a monetary and injunctive relief settlement in federal court and the awarding of state unemployment insurance. The state suit also created a legal precedent which improved legal representation in the State of Delaware by disallowing the unauthorized practice of law (see State Definitions of the Practice of Law and scroll to the “Delaware” section, page 6).
An appeal by the employer to the Delaware Supreme Court was turned down.
Video appearance
Mary Chapin Carpenter & James Taylor's Soul Companion, Video 2, includes a shot of the Marshall-Steeles' civil union-turned-wedding (at 2 min. 50 sec.).


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