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Our holy union, August 5, 1995

Civil union: signing the parish register

Our civil union: signing the parish register, January 7, 2012

Corey and Douglas Marshall-Steele embracing in front of the altar with their priest applauding

Our civil union is converted to marriage, July 1, 2013

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Summer, the best season!
Celebrating a legal victory in 2002
May 2002
Manning a table at Delaware Pride 2002
Return Day 2002 with Tom Swiger, Steve Sage, Carol & Pete Schwartzkopf

Florida, March 2003
Doug's family: Bobbie, Guy, Kathyrn, Ed, Margaret, Jim, Doug & Corey. Nov. 2003
With Sen. Margaret Rose Henry
Corey & US Rep. Barney Frank
With Sens. Karen Peterson & Patricia Blevins

Our Lambda Legal photo shoot
Corey's Family: Corey, Doug, Kim, Donnie, Krystal, Arthur & Judy
April 24, 2004 -- 36th Dist. House Candidate Brian Dolan, US Sen. Joseph Biden & Corey
Debbie Gottschalk & Doug lobbying
Doug & Insurance Commissioner Candidate Matt Denn

May 30, 2004 - US Sen. Thomas Carper & Corey
At Rehoboth Beach with friends
Aug. 2004 -- Chrissy Gephardt & Corey
Doug & Bosco The Dog yachting on the Broadkill River
Christmas 2004

New Year's Day 2005 with the Robertses & Robert
Markells & Marshall-Steeles
At the Harbor of Refuge, Lewes
Dave, Taletha, Corey & Doug
Refurbishing homes in Appalachia, July 2006

Three Markells, both Marshall-Steeles
Doug, Don, Kevin & Corey at Delaware Pride, 2006
Doug, May 2007
Grammy-nominated Deborah Allen & Corey: Cheers!
When Memphis came to Milton for Markell, June 2007

Solar panels make our house greener than ever
Grammy nominee Becky Hobbs & Corey: great friends! June 2008
Corey & Becky Hobbs jammin'
Backstage with Rodney Atkins, summer 2008
With musicians Duane Sciacqua & Becky Hobbs, Election Day 2008

At a marriage equality demonstration, Dover, Nov. 15, 2008
30 of us demonstrated for marriage equality for 2.5 hrs. in front of Dover City Hall
Thanksgiving 2008: thankful for each other
Pam Tillis sings Happy Birthday to Corey at his Annual Summer Bash, June 2009
Donahues, Marshall-Steeles, Pam Tillis

S.B. 121 passes the Delaware Senate June 24, 2009
The Governor signs S.B. 121 July 2, 2009
With S.B 121 House Sponsor Pete Schwartzkopf
With cousins Bobbie & Guy Wolfe, July 2009
With Becky Hobbs at Mass, August 2009

Twentieth anniversary greetings to us from The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson and the U.S. Supreme Court marriage equality case's named plaintiff, Jim Obergefell, August 5, 2015

We finally may marry legally 19 years after meeting each other

Actress Dee Freeman: "Happy Birthday, Douglas!"—March 22, 2013

Tributes to Corey's Family

Corey's Annual Summer Bash 2007, 2009, 2010 & 2011

Repairing homes in Appalachia in 2007 (clip 1) & 2006 (clips 2-6)

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